• Lot 18, Warehouse #28-30, Tom Cringle Drive, Plantation Heights, Jamaica.
  • (876) 618-1047

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Our leadership advances at full speed, we work with passion to serve you better, we believe in evolution, change and innovation, more than 50 years of history back it up.


It’s our most valued asset, that’s why we focus on providing the best environment and services to our clients, both internal and external.


Our products and brands are of the best quality. We have 50 years of history alongside Castrol.


Vast distribution chains and good relationships with all our providers.


Since the start, ACAVISA has been known for selling only the very best products in the market. Among it’s ample offerings you can find:

  • Castrol Edge
  • Castrol Magnatec
  • Castrol GTX
  • Tecno Volt
  • Castrol Vecton
  • Castrol CRB Plus
  • Castrol Super Outboard
  • Castrol Actevo
  • Castrol Tection
  • "I value the treatment, the opportunities the company has given me. For example, the chance to arrange my schedule so I can finish my career and be more productive and better prepared."

    Vicente Evora
    General accountant
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